Monday, 8 December 2008

Today I came across this nice online led calculator. It will generate the circuit for you and will calculate the circuit parameters and the current limiter resistor. You have to specify the supply voltage, voltage drop across led, desired led current and click on ”Calculate” button. Several parameters are calculated including:

  • Exact calculated resistance
  • Nearest higher rated resistor
  • Wattage recommendation for the resistor
  • Actual Single LED Current
  • Power dissipated by the LED
  • Power dissipated by the Resistor
  • Circuit’s total current consumption
Online Led calculator - [Link]


  1. postinganya keren bro. unix dan langka. jarang ada blog yang menulis tentang hal2 seperti ini. Sukses selalu bro.

  2. wah..baru sip banget mas..jarang liat ada blog tentang elektronik..keren..